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A career at Markstein translates into continual opportunities to expand on what you can do as we help clients become high-performance businesses and governments. At Markstein, we are constantly working towards creating exciting new products using the latest technology. We believe that the only way to excel, to stay ahead, is by constantly innovating and almost always looking for fresh opportunities. To help people make the most of skills, interests and talents, Markstein has strong recruiting processes, robust training programs and goal-based career paths. At Markstein, HRD is divided into two areas, Recruitment and Training activities.

Good employment practices start with good recruitment and selection practices. We attempt to make sure that the best people are selected. Our mission is to be the first choice of service providers for solutions that enhance the end user experience. To be the first, we need to hire the best. Our goal is to attract the best talent around the globe. Individuals with vision, creativity and the energy to lead the changes that take place in the communications industry each day. Markstein offers its employees a unique blend of an informal work environment and a corporate culture that encourages personal empowerment. Markstein employees enjoy a high level of job satisfaction, global career opportunities, flexible hours and a competitive benefits package.

What we're looking for People who:

  • have a demonstrated track record in their chosen course of study
  • have taken initiative in gaining work experience as well
  • have the drive and passion for success
  • have the self-belief to make it happen
  • care to make a real difference

Markstein has distinguished itself by delivering this true turnkey approach to training challenges. We provide flexible training design and delivery services. At Markstein, our mission is to implement, consult and train in advance technologies & applications and achieve customer satisfaction, product quality and operational excellence. We also believe in the constancy of learning by keeping our employees current with the rapidly changing industry by staying ahead of the learning curve. We provide the tools: information and support you need to expand your knowledge base and continue you to grow.

Markstein, aims at teaching uppermost training standards in a flexible setting to facilitate best possible career growth for our trainees. Our job focused and intense course structure ensures the efficiency and the delivery of consistent, outstanding training programs for critical job skills on diverse software platforms.

We conduct training programs in quality, Technical skills and knowledge areas. Training is a continuous process, and is based on individual training needs of the employee, specific project needs, and organizational requirements as identified by Management.

As a dynamic and fast growing company, Markstein offers a career where you get an opportunity to learn and grow continuously with some of the most talented, creative and brilliant people of the industry.

At Markstein, we do everything possible to create a positive work environment for our teams. Our approach is based on four principles:

  • We tell people what we expect of them.
  • We create an encouraging environment that inspires ideas, fosters creativity, encourages fun and values risk-taking.
  • We recognize and reward good performance.
  • We help our employees to develop new skills & staying ahead of the learning curve.

We strongly encourage team spirit and cooperation between all our employees. Feeling part of a team is a key factor in career development. We've created a number of professional networks common to the entire Group, through which our experts around the world can share experiences and exchange views.