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Markstein’s application outsourcing approach can help you to effectively reduce costs while industrializing your capabilities for the long term. We deliver high quality Software Technology Outsourcing to complex business problem with our innovative & highly professional methodologies. In addition, Markstein can take application outsourcing to the next level, helping to increase value derived from limited IT investments. We provides a regnant synthesis of design and technology outsourcing that gives a decided economic impetus to your on line business. Learn how our advanced and flexible spectrum of application outsourcing services can help you today.

Markstein has worked with number of organizations globally to enable high performance by offering a flexible spectrum of application outsourcing services.

Our application outsourcing approach helps clients control baseline costs while keeping up with market innovations.

Our Research & Insights investigate how to better leverage application outsourcing services to deliver and support IT solutions that help clients achieve high performance.

  • Software Product development outsourcing
  • Programming services
  • Software Testing Services Outsourcing
  • Custom software development for your business

You have an idea of your product and want to focus on marketing/selling’s only. In this case you completely make us responsible for production. At your wish we may choose a complete solution - combination of technologies, architecture and programming language -that most appropriate for your future product. We may also give you several alternatives with our comments and recommendations so you may pick one by yourself. As your product is ready and you start selling’s - you may be sure, there are will be change requests/customization requests from your Customers as well as support needed to answer their questions. We will handle this, allowing you to concentrate on ideas of new features and on new selling’s .

Outsourcing Programming services to Markstein is extremely beneficial as you will be entitled to high-quality work at competitive rates, within a short turnaround time. We have over years of experience in providing services that are based on current technologies like ASP.NET, Java, PHP etc. to our customers across the globe. Our team of programmers and analysts has expertise in application development.

  • Expertise in using a wide range of tools for defect tracking, automation and test management
  • The software testing services offered at markstein
  • Automated testing services
  • Defect verification services
  • Capability to provide both manual as well as test automation services
  • Ability to handle open source technologies as well as commercial tools
  • User acceptance testing (UAT) services
  • Regression testing services
  • Automated test script development services
  • Automated test script development services

  • Our highly qualified developers cater to the needs of individuals’ websites as well as websites that belong to large enterprises.
  • Knowledge of the latest trends in website programming
  • software development technologies
  • website development technologies
  • World-class applications
  • Customized Application services at reduced rates
  • Access to business processes that are unavailable in the market
  • Support available even after the completion of your project

  • Certified and trained consultants
  • Services delivered within a quick turnaround time
  • Engineering approach to software testing
  • Team size can be increased based on customer’s requirement
  • Less hand holding and faster adaptability
  • Experienced QA professionals

If your organization is looking for expert software testing services, then you have found the right outsourcing partner.